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The business directory revolutionising school funding

It is no secret that school funding is at crisis point in some areas of the country and things are only getting worse. While parents & PTAs do their best to help with a number of fund-raising activities, a revolution in funding needs to happen before it's too late.

Tuvello.com offers parents the opportunity to revolutionise school funding. Tuvello.com realises that parents are the biggest collective in the country and make up the vast majority of the population. If we can harness the power of the parent collective then we hope to end underfunding in our children's schools.

Tuvello.com is an online business directory, very similar to what millions of parents are already using today. The unique difference is that 75% of its advertising revenue is directed straight back to affiliated schools.

This funding revolution will work because the power is in the hands of parents. Tuvello.com does not sell any products or services and is simply an online business directory. All parents have to do is switch where they currently advertise their businesses to the website which is providing funding to their children's school. Likewise, parents searching for services can simply switch to Tuvello.com to support these businesses.

With 5.7m SMEs in the UK, most business owners are parents. These parents already spend hundreds of millions of pounds each year advertising online to their customers, most of whom are also parents! The industry currently generates more than £300 million pounds per year in revenue!

Schools are constantly under pressure to think of new ways to raise much-needed funds. Tuvello.com recognises that schools are the perfect conduit to connect parents in the local community. Not only will this potentially solve the school's funding problems but it will also help to improve the relations between parents and the community as a whole.

With adverts starting from only £25 + VAT per month Tuvello.com empowers businesses to advertise their services both locally and nationally, knowing that they are also helping to boost funds for their local school. If just 100 businesses signed up to Tuvello (nominating the same school) this would generate a staggering £22,500 every year for that one school!

As parents we have the power for this revolution to work. If you really want to help your child's school funding problems and you're a business owner all you need to do is sign up and spread the word through your community!


Connecting parents - funding schools

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