Want to reach fundraisers?

Online listings

In addition to this website a listing in our supplier’s directory will also appear in and

As well providing service to all fundraising groups we are the UKs leading provider of fundraising support and advice to schools and PTAs. As a supplier you can either list national or locally.  Local listings appear in a specific county or city or regionally across several local areas.

Annual Fees:

  • National listing - £350
  • Local listing - £50  
  • Regional Listing - £50 + £15 per additional listing.

Fees Ex VAT

Local listings are set up as a monthly direct debit at £5 per month + 30p transaction fee. There is no minimum contract.


Banner advertising

MPU banners on the local fundraising pages are charged at £25 per month (+ VAT)


Additional Marketing

If you are looking to work specifically with schools we can offer additional online opportunities across our sister websites,, email promotions, social media campaigns and magazine advertising in our PTA+ and FundEd Magazines.


Email: or call 01342 718679