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Warehouse Mobile Climbing & Caving's range of exciting indoor and outdoor mobile activities bring the thrill of climbing and caving to events and venues across the whole of the country at any time of the year! With over 20 years' experience in the leisure and hospitality industry, Mobile Climbing & Caving is the largest mobile climbing wall operator in the UK, trust them to deliver fun, eye-catching, inspiring adventure attractions right to your door!

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As a physical activity, climbing is in a class of its own! It's a non-contact sport that's suitable for children of all ages and abilities, climbing builds mental concentration and is great for physical development and coordination. It's appropriate for mixed-sex groups, single person or teams, can be as competitive or recreational as you like and often proves to be an inspiring and engaging activity that children continue to pursue as they grow-up.


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Brought to you by The Warehouse Climbing Centre in Gloucestershire, their mobile climbing walls and caving system are available for hire across the whole of the UK. All their activities are operated by professional, fully trained, qualified and DBS certified staff. Their activities are competively priced and we have hire packages available from single day to multiple weeks. All kit, equipment and set-up comes included - they provide instructors for each activity, or they can even train you or your staff to operate the Cave or DigiWall without our supervision!


Mobile Climbing - Their range of Mobile Climbing Walls offer a quick, convenient way to bring the exhilaration of climbing to a location of your choice (inside or outdoors). Choice of 5.5m or 7.3m high walls with various routes & games for up to 2 or 4 people at a time. Use them as part of a sports education program or as a fun reward at the end of term.

Mobile DigiWall - With touch-sensitive holds which illuminate and play sounds, their interactive Mobile DigiWall is the unique fusion of a games console and low-level climbing wall. It's the only one of its kind in the UK and includes games suitable for children (or adults!) of all ages and abilities.

Mobile Caving - With a series of tunnels over 30m long, and full of tight, twisted tunnels, sumps and chambers, the Mobile Caving System offers an exciting way to bring the inspiring, challenging experience of caving to venues all over the UK. Suitable for ages 4 years+ and able to take 10 people at a time & equally suited to both indoors or outside use. With realistic geological features, it's great for schools and educational purposes, it can be used as a fun way to get kids active or for schools to incorporate into lessons.


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