BOC Balloon Gas

BOC Balloon Gas

PHONE: 0800 111333

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With BOC balloon release packs, your event will get just the attention you are looking for.

Whether you are seeking to raise awareness and funds for a school, college, hospital, charity or any other organisation, a BOC balloon release pack will give you a real lift. As hundreds of gas-filled balloons rise upwards, so will your funds! NABAS guidelines should be followed.

Balloons attract publicity and create visibility; perfect for raising much-needed funds. 

You can sell balloons for a balloon race and offer fun prizes. In fact, you can budget for a significant increase in funds on every balloon released, making the whole event self-funding.

BOC balloon release packs take the time and effort out of gathering everything you need for the event. Simply choose the pack size for your event and place your order.

They also offer balloon release nets to accompany their standard products; these can be ordered separately.

For added impact BOB can provide custom print balloons. Please contact the balloon gas team to discuss any bespoke requirements.

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