Barn Dance & Line Dance Agency

Barn Dance & Line Dance Agency

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Barn dances for events have long been a popular fundraising idea. Recently, line dancing has challenged them and are now also being held.


If you have not tried this form of fundraising why not dip your metaphorical toe in the water by trying either a barn dance or line dance with recorded music. For little over £275.00 you can see what the response is without too much financial input if things do not work out. If they do and people are clamouring for the next one then get a band.

To add that extra value to the ticket price of your barn dance why not put on a 'Ploughmans Supper'. For a little over 50p per head you can add value of £2.50 to your ticket price.

One of the most cost effective forms of entertainment for a fundraiser is a barn dance or line dane. Prices start at £275.00 and the caller will run a whole evening taking a break usually to coincide with a buffet and will put on a cassette to play in the background whilst the break is being taken.

The barn dance caller and band, if funds allow, will only need a power point and perhaps a small raised platform for the caller, the rest is provided. If the event is likely to attract a large number of attendees then why not theme the venue with flags and bunting etc and why not try a rodeo bull and quick draw machine. This will make sure that your barn dance or line dance is a great night for everybody.

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