The Little Recyclers

The Little Recyclers is a free school fundraising programme based on clothing recycling. They pay the best market price!

The Little Recyclers® is a school fundraising programme offering schools, playgroups, nurseries, and other organisations to raise funds & protect our environment at the same time by donating unwanted clothes. This scheme is FREE and easy.

They pay the best market price 55p for every kilo!

The Little Recyclers' goal is to encourage children, parents, and teachers to recycle clothes – in this way, textile waste going to landfill is minimised. Around 350,000 tonnes of clothes end up in landfills every year in the UK. The company believe that it is necessary to educate kids about the importance of recycling textiles, the circular economy and caring for our Earth.

Schools can book collections as often as they want. Fundraise once a month or once a year it is up to you and The Little Recyclers are ready to cooperate! There are no donating limits, the more engaged the community the more you can fundraise! Actively engaging schools can fundraise up to £3,000 - £5,000 per year!

Four simple steps:

1. Arrange a collection day
2. Fill the bags
3. The Little Recyclers collects the bags
4. Receive weight and payment in 2-3 working days

Looking for school fundraising ideas? Look no further than The Little Recyclers! Join now and find out all the benefits!

It was our first experience of The Little Recyclers, we found the whole experience a delight. The organisation was spot on and they were fast at paying out once the weight was confirmed. We have already booked in for future. Thank you! EM PTA

07476 406699