PlanSocial's app guides PTAs to plan their PTA fundraising events in an inclusive and transparent way, building a close-knit school community where volunteering is the norm.

PlanSocial provides everything your PTA needs to build and sustain a thriving school community.

Whether you are a seasoned PTA organiser or a complete newbie, youll find this app an invaluable time-saver, which will bring in more volunteers and raise more funds.

The surprising thing is, for an app with so many great features, its incredibly simple to set up and use, as their customers will testify!

PlanSocial offers two versions of the app:

Payment Hub (free)

You can sign up for a free PTA hub in under two minutes, inviting up to 20 members. Youll be able to create unlimited events, using our built-in event templates with suggested tasks and tickets or items to sell. You can also add forms if youd like to collect extra information from purchasers.

Once youve connected your PTAs bank account (PlanSocial will show you how!), just share your event or donation page link.

Parents can easily pay by debit or credit card. Theyll be emailed a receipt, and youll see all purchases listed in the app, with a full breakdown and downloadable spreadsheet too. It couldnt be easier!

Your 20 members can make full use of the volunteering, group pages, and messaging features, and see how they make PTA-ing a breeze.

All ticket fees are paid by purchasers, so it does not cost you a thing. Furthermore, the event sponsor feature allows you to create sponsorship packages and accept payments from sponsors! What's not to like?!

Community Hub (from just £12 per month, no ads)

Once you welcome all parents and carers into the hub, this is when you really benefit from the magic of PlanSocial! With the Community Hub, parents can register and join when they buy a ticket, volunteer or donate. They can also invite each other, or you can send us a spreadsheet to invite everyone in one step. You can then message all members, just the event's volunteers, or just the ticket-holders.

You can also set up private group pages for each year group or class group, so parents can easily find, connect with and message other parents in their child's class in one central place.

The Community Hub customers are delighted with how their volunteer base suddenly increases and keeps increasing, as their community grows. PlanSocial has seen astounding numbers of volunteers on bigger events like Christmas fairs and summer fairs. It's a beautiful thing!

QR Code Add-on

PlanSocial also offers a QR code feature as a paid add-on to either the Payment Hub or Community Hub. So if you'd like an easy way to check people in at events or redeem pre-paid food, drink or activity vouchers, this fits the bill! Contact us for more information and check for special offers.

'PlanSocial has completely transformed the way we run events. It's enabled the committee to be more ambitious about what we do, set up a direct channel of communication with parents, and made our events more fun for everyone concerned. Our record for a single event is 84 which makes for such a lovely atmosphere. Many hands do indeed make light work!' – Mehmood, PTA Secretary, Snaresbrook PTA, London

'The new features within the ticketing function have really helped us with organising events and obtaining all required information in good time. This is cutting down on manual intervention which is always welcome news for volunteers!' – Kam, Garden Fields School Association, St Albans

'We are more than happy to subscribe – PlanSocial has been invaluable to us since we started using it so we would be very sorry to lose it now.' – Anne, PTA Treasurer, Princethorpe PTA, Rugby

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