Muddy Faces

Specialists in forest school, outdoor play & learning.


Muddy Faces is passionate about the outdoors and strive to ensure that you have an inspiring and positive experience.

They are nationally-recognised for their innovative content and products, as well as their excellent customer service. Their aim is to maintain these high standards and always aspiring to do better - whether this is by reducing their environmental impact or ensuring that you receive what you expect, within timescales that they can deliver.

Curriculum learning - Outdoor learning is so beneficial for children and young people, you can utilise the outdoors to satisfy most if not all areas of National Curriculum; all you need is confidence to take your class or group outdoors and some basic resources and seasonal clothing.

Den building - "Young children need outdoor play. When given the choice, the outdoors is where most children want to be and play outdoors is what they most want." Jan White - Playing and Learning Outdoors

Fire and cooking - Sitting around a campfire warming your hands on a warm drink creates an atmosphere that encourages calm social interaction, entertainment and art. Muddy Faces has a massive range of fire related products in their shop and ideas, activities and recipes in their Outdoor Hub.

Nature - Being outdoors and connecting to nature has massive health and restorative effects. Reasons To Be Outdoors makes the case that young children must be able to play outside a great deal, every single day, throughout their childhood years.

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