Fresh Air Fitness

Market-leading outdoor gym equipment specialists, providing an innovative and exciting range of fitness equipment for schools.

Fresh Air Fitness is the pioneer of outdoor gyms, with more than 3,500 gyms installed across the UK they are committed to providing health and fitness benefits to all with an innovative range of outdoor gym equipment. Made to the highest safety and quality standards at extremely competitive prices. Fresh Air Fitness make fitness fun!

Primary Schools Fresh Air Fitness has developed a range of outdoor gym equipment, expertly designed specifically for use by primary school children, key stage 1 and 2. Outdoor gyms benefit children greatly, getting them into the fresh air, burning energy whilst having a huge amount of fun, and encouraging a life-long love of exercise. Used during lesson time, an outdoor gym provides an innovative structured PE class. Lesson plans support teachers, so you can be confident that effective teaching and learning will take place. The equipment is also suitable for use at break times, keeping children more active more of the time. Their gyms are proven to enhance fitness, stimulate emotional well being and help to focus attention back in the classroom. They work on specific physical benefits including muscle strength, flexibility & balance as well as co-ordination.  

Secondary Schools The secondary school equipment range for students age 11-16, provides safe, structured exercise for older children, building confidence using adult-style exercise equipment. An outdoor gym provides an innovative structured PE class, benefiting students greatly. Getting them into the fresh air, burning energy, improving self-confidence and providing a sense of achievement. Theyll develop balance, co-ordination and social interaction while building agility, cardiovascular and muscular strength. With lesson plans to support your staff you can be confident that effective teaching and learning will take place; innovative PE lessons, including circuits, group work and competitive training.

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