As sponsored activities go, it doesn't get much easier...

Sponsored matchbox challenge

A sponsored matchbox challenge is a simple and fun fundraiser - especially for charities working with children.

Children will love completing a matchbox challenge and adults probably will too! The idea of the matchbox challenge is to see how many different things can be put into a standard size matchbox - use craft matchboxes (Baker Ross sell 90 for £9.90) so that they're all the same size and you don't have the worry of disposing of live matches.

Give each child a box, a letter explaining the challenge (including the deadline) and a sponsorship form. You might also want to specify what items are NOT allowed - such as toenail clippings and bogies! And that's it, leave the children to get collecting. Once the children have filled their boxes and sponsorship form, ask them to write a numbered list of the items and submit their itemised list, matchbox and sponsor form by a certain date.

Offer prizes for the most items, the most sponsorship money raised and (if you're feeling brave) the most unusual object!

To help you on your way, we've put together a covering letter which you can download and edit/put on your organisation's headed paper. This includes a sponsorship form, using the latest Gift Aid wording from HMRC.

Good luck!

Email the Let's Get Fundraising team to let us know how you got on!

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