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Sponsored head shave

Even if you're not willing to have your locks chopped off for charity, someone else might be! A sponsored head shave suits both men and women, as long as you find a willing volunteer.

A lady with locks down to her waist, or a man who's proud of his barnet... both will attract attention from supporters as someone donating something treasured in the name of charity. Put the idea out there and see if anyone steps forward... if Jessie J can do it, you could too!

Phil Ascott, development manager at The Factory Youth Zone  told us about one of his youth workers who did just that...

'Jermane, one of our fantastic Youth Workers, recently decided to do something bold to raise money for The Factory. After eight years of having cornrows, he shaved all his hair off in an effort to raise £100. Incredibly, he has been able to smash this target and has raised £450! Speaking about his decision to shave his hair, Jermane said, 'It was something I decided overnight really. I knew staff were coming up with ideas on how to raise funds so it seemed like a good way for me to get involved. My original target was £100 but the bar just kept rising thanks to the donations of lots of generous people." Not only has Jermane raised a fantastic sum for The Factory, he has also donated his hair to a charity that provides wigs for children who have lost theirs through treatment for severe illnesses, Wigs for Kids. Asked why he thinks others should support The Factory, he said, 'The reasons to support this charity are endless. You get to help others and raise awareness whilst giving back to the community. I am overjoyed I made the decision to fundraise for The Factory. He collected his money using the more traditional method of a sponsorship form.'

Advice for running a sponsored head shave

  • Run the sponsored head shave as an event where people in the local area can come and watch (you could even sell tea and coffee to those watching!)
  • Drum-up support before the shave by posting pictures of the named volunteer on your website and social media to encourage sponsorship
  • Create an event on Facebook for the set day for the sponsored shave
  • If you're doing the head shave yourself, buy a set of hair clippers to cut the hair really short first, then bring a razor to remove the rest
  • Take before and after pictures!
  • Looking for alternatives? Is there someone who cherishes their long beard and is willing to part? Or moustache? Dreadlocks? Or even just have a crazy hair cut?

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