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Game ideas for summer fairs

Make the most of the weather with some summer-themed stalls at your summer fair.

Crockery smash

With donations or cheap crockery picked up in local charity shops, and an old bookshelf with the back removed, this makes a low-cost activity. Use small wooden balls and have tarpaulin or netting (thick decorators dust sheets work well) around the smashing area to collect up the broken bits. Add a bit of extra fun by printing out pictures of film villains (Cruella De Vil?) or unpopular celebrities (Piers Morgan?). Consider broken of flying shards of crockery when risk assessing your event. 

Coconut shy

Nothing says traditional British fair quite like a coconut shy. Invest (or borrow) some purpose-built stakes and balls or position coconuts on tin cans if your stall is on hardstanding. Have netting around the throwing area to avoid any health and safety issues. Order coconuts from your local grocer (expect to pay about £25 for 50), or buy enough for the stall, using something else as prizes!

Welly wanging

Originating from Yorkshire, where 'wang' is apparently a local term for 'throw', you simply lob a wellington boot as far as possible within a defined area. With prizes awarded for reaching certain targets. Visit the home of the Welly Wanging World Championships for a highly amusing set of 'official' rules.

Wild water warriors

'This is a big hit at our Summer Fun Day. Cordon off an area of the field. For £1 each child hires a water gun and lets rip for ten minutes either in a team or one for all! Our Head teacher challenges the children to a "fight off" against the staff and parents... always a winner! Lots of wet, wet, wet but happy folk. A reminder is sent out in advance suggesting a towel and change of clothes might be necessary!' Jan Robertshaw, St Mary's Primary PTA, East Grinstead

Obstacle course

An obstacle course is a brilliant way to make the most of the resources at hand. This can be as hard or as simple as you like, with benches, mats, tyres or cargo nets all going together to create a fantastic obstacle course. Make it competitive with prizes for the fastest times being recorded for all to see. If you fancy taking it up a notch, hire some inflatables and run your very own knockout challenge!  

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