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Great games for Christmas fairs

Games are great at any fair, but sometimes it's fun to give them a little facelift! Consider which games have worked well in the past... and how might these be theme d to tie in with Christmas? Here are some great ideas that are simple to do...

Bauble bobbing

Similar to a 'hook the duck' game, fill a paddling pool with styrofoam shapes and Christmas baubles. Participants hook the baubles out of the pool. Each bauble has a different coloured spot, with each colour representing a prize.

Ho ho hole

Prop up a large sheet of hardboard with Santa's face painted on with a hole where his mouth should be. Participants aim small (preferably Christmas-themed) dog toys, like mince pies, at his mouth. Have infants standing closer to the hardboard, juniors further away, and real experts standing at an angle to make it even trickier!

Pluck a turkey

Just like 'pick a straw', but with an added Christmas twist! Make a giant papier mache turkey, and, instead of straws, use feathers with coloured spots on the bottom. Each colour represents a different prize.

Hook a cracker

'This is so simple! Get a load of crackers when on offer (or ask for donations). Hole punch the crackers and attach a paper clip, formed into a loop. Put the crackers into boxes, standing up, and use 'hook a duck' sticks and charge 50p a go. The participants win every time - a cracker!' Ann Davies, Ridgeway Primary School PTFA, Burntwood, Staffordshire

Rudolf hoopla

Hang a large sheet of hardboard featuring a painted Rudolf head, with large hooks (made from bent coat hangers covered in tinsel) on the antlers. Make hoops, again using bent coat hangers, for participants to throw (with sharp edges bound with tape). The higher up the board the hook, the better the prize. 

A coin for Rudolf 

'Put a laminated (in case it gets wet) colour picture of Rudolf under a fish tank full of water. Rudolf's nose must be red and just big enough for the largest size of coin to lie on it with a little room to spare. Players drop the coin in and if it lands entirely on Rudolf's red nose then the player doubles their money. No prizes are needed, as winners simply win money back. Provide the stall minder with a towel for when they have to fish the money out. This is a surprisingly difficult game that has adults and kids coming back to play again and again!' Carrie Cooper, Great Easton Primary School PTA, Essex

Christmas banner

Pin the nose on Rudolf

'It's the same concept as Pin The Tail On The Donkey except we have a big Rudolf face with a big red nose the children have to pin on! We are fortunate that one of the dads made us a big wooden Rudolf face one year, so we use it time and time again. The children win if they get anywhere near the nose area, and get a penny sweet for having a go if they don't win. They love it!' Natalie Corcoran, Telford Infant School PTA, Leamington Spa

Knock Santa down the chimney

'To make the game, you need a cardboard box painted so it looks like a brick chimney stack, a large Santa cuddly toy and white soft balls - ideally that look like snowballs! We charge children 60p to play. For this, they are given three 'snowballs' to throw at Santa. If they knock him down the chimney, they get a small prize!' Stephanie Scott, PC Member, St. Josephs RC Primary, Aberdeen

Snowman snap and snowman smash

'This year, we have a load of empty Yazoo milkshake bottles (pupils have them in packed lunches). We strip off the cover and decorate the bottles to look like snowmen - we paint the lids to look like hats and use Sharpie pens to do the rest. The snowmen are then used for two games... Snowman snap: paint different colours for the hats, with matching pairs. Hide the snowmen in the 'snow' (beanbag filler balls). Charge 50p for three goes and if you pull out a pair, you get a prize. Snowman smash: set up your snowmen in a ten-pin bowling format. Paint a tennis ball white and roll it down a big tube to see if you can knock down all the snowmen.' Paola Armstrong, PTA committee member, St Patrick's RC school, Shropshire

Hampton LB

Decorate a Christmas jar

'We ask pupils to fill a jar with sweets then decorate it in any way they like. It can be any size jar and any sweets they choose. We ask them to do a Christmassy decoration on the jar and there are prizes for the best-decorated jar. These are then put on a tombola stall and there is a prize every time, at 50p a go. This is all profit for the school and a fun stall for children.' Shirley Smith, PTA member, Rosemellin CP School, Camborne

Snowball scavenge

'Instead of hook-a-duck, we run a snowball scavenge! Fill a paddling pool full of shredded paper, hide ping pong balls (snowballs) amongst the paper. We offer a lolly every time and bigger prizes if children choose a ball featuring the words 'ho ho ho'. The younger childen love it!' Louise Skitt, Willow Tree Primary School PTFA, Harrogate

If you have some ideas you'd like to share, email the Let's Get Fundraising team.

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