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Strictly dance-off

Nikki Loy, Strictly Oxford Event organiser, Vale House Care Home:

Strictly Oxford is a dance competition, based on the popular TV show Strictly Come Dancing. 16 local celebrities volunteer to be partnered with a professional dancer from the nearby Step-By-Step Dance School. They learn three ballroom dances in six weeks and put on a show in front of an audience and judges. In order to take part, the celebrities commit to raising money through sponsorship from individuals, local businesses, and from donations, ticket sales and text voting. The event, which has now been running for three years, has been enormously good fun for all those involved. So far, it has successfully raised over £100,000 for Vale House, a local care home which provides care for late stage sufferers of dementia, as well as support for their families. Tickets are sold for between £16-45 depending on the choice of seat in the theatre.' 

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