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Having a big headline act at your next family-friendly event can seem a bit daunting, especially with a large price tag attached! But the benefits are enormous - after all, how often does the circus come to town?

Damian Ross, trustee, Claygate Recreation Ground Trust, Surrey:

'In 2009 I became involved with fundraising for a new pavilion on our recreation ground in Claygate. This would be used by the cricket and football clubs as well as by the community at large. I had heard that a children's circus might be a good event to help us raise funds and involve a large percentage of the Claygate community. Fortunately, I came across Happy's Circus. Five years on, we have funded and completed the building of a beautiful new £360,000 pavilion that is enjoyed by all the community. I owe a large debt of gratitude to Happy's Circus because they were our first real fundraising event, and brought much-needed PR to our community project. We have now run four circuses, all of which have sold out - that's a staggering 600 tickets each year! 

The circus itself was hugely entertaining for children and adults alike, and every year the event went off without a hitch (apart from the fact that we couldn't get more than 600 in the circus tent, and people were disappointed when tickets sold out!). Fundraising is not easy, but of the many events that we have run, the circus was the easiest to set up, the easiest to sell, and also raised the most money for our project, making £4,000 profit each year. I love Happy's Circus, I love the Randelles... and so do Claygate!


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