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Sponsored silence

The nature of your organisation or club will determine how your sponsored silence goes forward... but ultimately, supporters are going to have to keep schtum for a while in order to raise funds!

However you run your event, there are some principles that apply to all:

  • Sponsorship: decide whether to gather sponsorship through forms, or via an online giving platform. Will participants be sponsored individually, or as a group?
  • Publicise: promote, promote, promote! Give supporters plenty of time to hear about your sponsored silence so that they can take part. Advertise on posters around the community, on your website and social media, and in the local press if you can. The more people supporting the event, the quieter it will be... (and the more money you'll make).
  • Length: deciding how long to stay silent for will largely depend on your organisation, the age of the participants, and how regularly you meet. Make it realistic but slightly challenging.

Silence with children

If your organisation involves children, or has set times when everyone is together, this gives you the perfect opportunity to hold a sponsored silence. Decide how long you want to stay silent for - 30 minutes for younger children could be quite a challenge! To keep them entertained, run 'silent games' with pens and paper, such as a variation on Pictionary. Countdown the last minute to get the children excited about finishing - and being able to cheer!

Silence with adults 

If your organisation doesn't have a core group of children, or meet at regular times, there are other ways to plan it to get adults involved, too. You can either organise an event to gather everyone together, or trust them to stay quiet for a day in aid of your cause! Ask people in the community to go silent for one day, whether they're working, out with the children, or simply having a day indoors. Get them to promote it to their friends and family, so that everybody is aware of what they're trying to do.

Digital silence

With Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites and messaging services taking over our lives, a digital detox is easy enough to pull off, but hard enough to convince people to sponsor! Ask supporters to stay silent over social media - that means NO Tweeting, Facebook updates, iMessaging, texting, Instagram updates, etc. It's easier to manage (you can check their social media sites!), and the fun is in how hard some people will find it. Dedicate a day for your digital silence, asking supporters to take part and get sponsored.

Have you organised a sponsored silence? How did you run it? Get in touch.


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