Knowledge capsule

Post-event debrief template

Having a debrief after an event - especially following something big such as a fair - is just as essential as the planning stage... especially if you're looking to run the event again next year!

At the end of your event, your volunteers will be hurriedly packing up and rushing off, taking valuable knowledge away with them. A simple form, which can be emailed out after the event, is an effective way of capturing vital information, reducing the workload for next year's event!

Trying to remember what happened a year ago is impossible and volunteers may change year on year. Capturing detailed information while thoughts are still fresh, will make everyone's live simpler. That's why we've provided a template for you to use at your next event. We've also provided a sample one based on a sweet jar tombola stall, to help you get started!

Knowledge Capsule template

Sample Knowledge Capsule

If you have any templates to make running fundraising events easier, please email them over so we can share them with other charities.

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