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Ready-made stall packs provide a simple solution

Ready-made stall ideas

Take the hassle out of organising yet another stall at your fair by purchasing a ready-made pack. These stalls will help you fundraise at any time of the year... here are our top four:

1. Fossil hunting

Junior Geo sells fossils and minerals from all over the world, and they have a range of ready-made kits perfect for children. Become a palaeontologist by hunting for real fossils with Junior Geo's fossil hunter kit. Children will be able to keep the fossils they find. Kits for 50 goes cost £65. There is also the possibility to buy a great selection of minerals and crystals, which all come with a fact sheet and pouch by running your own rock shop. Small packs cost £110, making £40 profit. Their gold and gemstone panning kits are extremely popular, and cost only £18 for 60 goes.

2. Crazy sand

Crazy sand fundraising kits are popular with children looking to create their own sand art design. You can choose from a bronze (£56.25), silver (£92.50) or gold (£141.25) start-up kit, as well as stocking up with refills. Kits with contain different shaped bottles, sand colours, storage tubs as well as some Crazy Sand publicity material, funnels and scoops. Marie Lisowski, chair, Friends of Commonswood School had success with this stall: "It's brilliant - you get everything you need in a kit. We brought the bronze pack for £56.25 and sold all 52 sand bottles, making a profit of £76.25.'

3. Temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are extremely popular with children, and the profit potential is huge. It takes a matter of seconds to apply a tattoo with a wet sponge, giving you a quick turnover - no long queues! Order bulk packs of designs for as little as 4p per tattoo. Charge 50p and make 46p profit on each one! Tattoos4kids have a range of themed designs for all seasons.

4. Pick a lolly

Everyone's a winner wth the 'pick a lolly' game. Baker Ross sell the complete kit including the lolly stand, 120 wrapped lollies and a free display poster to go with your stall. The colours on the end of the stick determine the fate... red wins a prize, yellow gets another go and plain white wins a lolly. It costs £23.99, to buy. Charge 50p a go, meaning for 120 lollies you can make £60... and you still have the lolly stand and poster for the next event! Extra lollies can be purchased too.

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