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Step-by-step guides

Step-by-step: auction of promises

An auction of promises is a fantastic way of raising money for your cause and helps get everyone, including local businesses, involved.

Step-by-step: beetle drive

Dice and a beetle

A beetle drive is an old-school fundraising event that involves shouting out, making it a lively and sociable activity for the whole family to enjoy!

Step-by-step: bingo event

A charismatic caller, rhyming numbers and eyes down folks... A bingo event is simple to put on and can be a great way to raise money.

Step-by-step: ceilidh

A traditional Gaelic gathering, involving music and dancing, a ceilidh promises lots of fun for the whole community.

Step-by-step: children's disco

Discos are no-brainers for children who will enjoy dancing to their favourite tracks with their friends.

Step-by-step: circus

Circus tents and clowns

Bring the circus to your community – it is an easy and profitable fundraising event to organise, and the wider community will want to come along, too!

Step-by-step: fashion show

Give supporters the chance to strut their funky stuff down the catwalk in a fashion show.

Step-by-step: grand ball

A grand ball could potentially be the biggest fundraiser you do, with the opportunity to dress up glam for one night.

Step-by-step: murder mystery event

A murder mystery night promises lots of fun for a modest amount of effort, and is sure to get everyone thinking...

Step-by-step: music festival

Music festivals on the local field are becoming an increasingly popular fundraiser – we can see why!

Step-by-step: quiz night

Quiz nights are popular fundraising events, providing lots of fun (and funds) for very little effort.

Step-by-step: race night

Race nights are a fun way to get people together and raise money – just choose what type of race to show – from snails to motorbikes!

Step-by-step: swishing

Rail of clothing

A swishing event gives supporters the chance to freshen up their wardrobes while raising money for your cause.

Step-by-step: wine tasting event

Organising an evening of wine tasting is simple – all you need is a group of enthusiastic adults, some good wines and an expert...