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Onesie day

A simple 'onesie day' fundraiser enables all your supporters to take part, whatever their age. Perfect for colder weather, supporters can stay snug while helping you raise funds - what could be better?

Julie Kite-Lightfoot, manager, St Stephen's Church playgroup, Birmingham:

'My youngest daughter has autism as well as other disabilities. When a friend mentioned a onesie day fundraiser she'd heard about, I decided to do it at the playgroup I run. The main aim was to raise awareness that it's ok to be different. We invited parents, carers, volunteers and teachers to wear their onesies or pyjamas - as well as the children. Everyone had a letter educating them about autism, and we spoke to the children in small groups. It helped everyone understand that they should support people with additional needs. We were overwhelmed with the response - about 100 babies, toddlers, children and adults wore their onesies! We held a cake sale and people also made donations. We raised £55, which we took to a local autism charity shop.'

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