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Jail 'em and Bail 'em!

Jennifer Green, Head of Fundraising, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:

'When I was a fundraiser at RNIB, 'Jail 'em and Bail 'em' was a standard event which I used to run. My colleague Sam Backway came up with the idea when she was raising funds to enable her to take part in a cycle challenge for our new Breast Cancer treatment appeal. Sam and her colleagues worked together to create 'wanted' posters featuring fictitious criminals, which they posted around the atrium of our hospital. Sam's husband made a 'jail' from cardboard, and nurses took turns to be 'jailed' while their colleagues stood with buckets, asking passers-by to donate 'bail' money for the release of the nurses back onto the ward to see their patients! The convicts begged colleagues and visitors passing by to bail them out - people were giving ten pound notes! Those taking part dressed up as convicts and we even invented charges - one was accused of eating too many Kit Kat Chunkys, and the diabetes nurse was charged with being too sweet! We made £517 in just half an hour!'

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