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Football cards

Charity football scratch cards are cheap to buy (100 cards cost less than £7), and offer a quick turnaround with good fundraising potential. 

Fiona Phillips, chair, Luss Primary Parent Council, Scotland told us:
'Charity football scratch cards do well in larger workplaces and the turnaround on them can be really quick if you need to raise funds in a hurry. I buy a set of cards (10-20 as we are a small rural school), and ask parents, grandparents and teachers if they can take one and get it filled in. The amount you charge and earn is so flexible, you can suit this to any budget. We've found that most people don't mind handing over a pound. When all the money is collected, you scratch off the winning team on the card - the winner gets half the money, the other half goes into the fundraising pot. The cards only cost a couple of pounds for a whole set. We send out ten cards and usually get back £300 within two weeks, with a school of only 21 pupils!'

Many raffle ticket suppliers also sell charity scratch cards - take a look at our suppliers directory for more details.


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