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Shopping affiliate schemes

Who among us can resist the ease of internet shopping? Take the amount you're likely to spend in a year and multiply it by the number of supporters you have and your charity could be raising a lot of cash through shopping affiliate schemes.

While individual companies offer a kickback to charities, there are several companies whose reward schemes involve leading retailers such as Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis and hundreds more. Every time a supporter buys something from one of these online shops, your charity benefits!

There are no extra costs in using the schemes and all the product prices, offers, terms and delivery details are exactly the same. The only difference is that your charity will benefit from every purchase. So sign up and send details out to all your supporters.

Some affiliate schemes have a downloadable toolbar, meaning supporters are reminded to claim the cashback for their nominated charity when they shop with their favourite online retailers as normal. The average amount raised is £2.10 per person, per month - with 200 people supporting your scheme, you'd earn £420 per month for doing nothing!

Shopping affiliate schemes include:

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