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Cash for trash: fundraising recycling schemes

There are a range of fundraising recycling schemes that will generate cash for your organisation, you just need to choose which one suits you!

Clothing and textiles recycling

80% of clothing thrown away in the UK can be reused, because the quality is so high. Some companies give a price per bag while others pay by weight (Rags2Riches4Schools pay 40p per kilo!). The more you collect, the more you earn. Items accepted vary between companies, but many take shoes, handbags and children's toys as well as clothing.

The collecting companies should provide all the necessary resources, and don't worry about storage space - just arrange for donations to be delivered the same day as the recycler collects. This way the clothes can be loaded straight into the collecting company's van, rather than building up in a storeroom or corridor.

Many companies offer resources, including posters and letters for you to download, print and distribute as well as collection bags.

TIP:  You will have more success if you run a campaign in spring or autumn, when people are changing from summer to winter clothes or vice versa.

Printer cartridges recycling

You can raise around £1 per recyclable cartridge - some companies pay a flat rate, others have a price list showing all the cartridges they accept. Empties Please estimate that each household six cartridges each year.

Apart from publicising the idea, all you need to do is collect the cartridges. A large cardboard box or plastic dustbin is the ideal collection bank. Be aware that some designs of cartridge can leak residual ink, even after the printer has decided they are empty. Make sure any collection bin is capable of containing such leaks.

Many companies will supply you with a recycle bin and charity starter pack, posters to display in and around your charity and offices

TIP: Could local businesses support your cause? They could display a recyling bin in their offices to collect on your behalf.

Currency, notes and coins recycling

According to British Airways, Britain alone hordes foreign coins worth more than £30 million every year, because banks and bureaux de change won't exchange them. 

Cash 4 coins accept any currency from all corners of the globe, including notes! They even change old UK, Irish and pre-euro European coins. This means that while stashes of currency that your supporters have may appear worthless to them, it could be worth something to you! They also provide envelopes to go out to supporters, press releases for local radio, etc.

If you collect 5kg or more delivery/collection is free. Your coins are checked and an offer is made within 3-14 days. 

TIP: To maximise support, promote this just before and after school holidays and around ski season when people are most likely to travel. 

For an up-to-date list of companies offering recycling schemes, head to our online suppliers directory.

Want to recommend a supplier? Email the Let's Get Fundraising! team.

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