WEBSITE: www.rags2riches4schools.co.uk/
EMAIL: office@rags2riches4schools.co.uk
PHONE: 01633 235923
ADDRESS/REGION:  South West, Wales, West Midlands


Free, easy and profitable fundraising.

It's 100% recycling - all clothes are reused around the world providing affordable clothing for those less fortunate.

It's a great feeling knowing you've raised funds, helped the economy, the environment and somebody on the other side of the world - all by donating some clothes.

Whether you arrange one, two, three+ collections a year you'll get our great rate!

Five simple steps:

1.Call 01633 235923 to arrange a collection date

2.You get a media pack

4.We weigh your collection at the school. We pick up the collection

5.You receive your money within 7 days

Let us help you!




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