Plum pudding

The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company runs a fabulous fundraising scheme, providing mouth-watering Christmas, chocolate, sticky toffee, ginger or lemon puddings. Personalise your puds with bespoke labels, buy at incredible prices and sell to supporters for a profit.

Marion Russell, chair, Durham North and Durham South Guides camp house management committee:

'We are always looking for innovative ways to raise funds, and when The Ultimate Plum Pudding Company was first mentioned, we decided to look at what it had to offer.

We had to convince some of the management committee that it would be a worthwhile undertaking and that we would have some outlay of cash before we saw any income. We decided to obtain a couple of boxes of the Christmas puddings and do a tasting at our strawberry tea event.

The tasting was a great success (the puddings really are delicious) and we started our first major push by sending out order forms to all Guide, Brownie, Rainbow and Senior Section groups in the two counties. After this first venture it really was plain sailing! In our first year we raised over £1,000, which made everyone eager to do it again. Each year since then, we have managed to raise over £1,000. We have taken our puddings to several events - we attend the Washington Heritage Festival (near Sunderland) and now have people looking out for us! The process is very easy, from producing a label for your own organisation, to ordering the puddings. Delivery is always prompt - all you have to do is follow the guidelines on the fundraising section of the Ultimate Plum Pudding Company website. Follow the hints on pricing - it's great to see how much you can expect as income. The staff at the company were always ready to help. So to anyone thinking about raising funds this way, I'd say "GO FOR IT!" - we have found it a very worthwhile venture (and shall be doing it again this year!).'

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